Julie Holmes

Julie Holmes


Color and light are the muses that have guided Julie’s artistic journey.  Vitreous enamel gives her the medium to express herself with both.  She is known for her use of vibrant color and designs that are whimsical and often introspective.  In her cloisonné you may find hidden words, double meanings, memories and make believe.  Her works are often one offs made in the moment without preparatory designs.  Most are deeply personal. For Julie, her enamels are footprints and pieces of her soul left in the world which will remain there long after her physical self is gone.

“Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.” ~Andre Gide

“Ooh Shiny” ~Julie Holmes

Exhibits: Garan Beadagio, To Bead True Blue show, Tucson Arizona 2004

Publications: Glass on Metal Magazine, December 2005, back cover, “Pink Hat”

You can find Julie’s enamels at the San Diego Enamel Guild ( Studio 5) in Spanish
Village, Balboa Park, San Diego and online at www.zenamels.com.