Hector Herrera

Hector Herrera

I was born in southern Mexico, land of craftspeople. Having worked most of my life with microscopes, I make art on a small scale, working with silver and enamel glass. This is art that you can wear, take with you, and enjoy wherever you go.

I am inspired by nature; my work includes birds, flowers, insects and other creatures of the natural world. I strive to make it precise and well-finished—art that you will be happy to wear.

My artwork is made by hand with fine silver, 24K gold wire, and Japanese and French enamels. The techniques I use are Cloisonné, Champlevé and Plique-à-Jour.

I have a passion for making almost any kind of art or craft. I enjoy creating beautiful jewelry, but most of all, I enjoy the smiles of the people who wear my pieces.

Fine silver pendant with 24K gold and fine silver Cloisonné wire and french glass enamel.
Fine silver Champlevé pendant with Japanese glass enamel.
Fine Silver Pendant with 24K gold cloisonné wire with French and Japanese glass enamel.