Margaret Landrum

Margaret Landrum

I first fell in love with the art of enameling through the many magical cloisonné pieces in my grandparents’ home.

My blog-(From Japan & Hong Kong my grandfather brought his art collection home to Coronado during World War II.  Among my favorites were Ming trees made with semi-precious stone flowers, silk wrapped limbs and intricate cloisonné bases set on carved exotic wooden pedestals. Delicate combinations of layered transparent colors over opaque pastels gave the chrysanthemums a luminous quality that inspired me to learn more about the many enamel techniques open to an artist.)

While working towards an art degree at SDSU in the seventies I had the good fortune to study enameling with Dr. JoAnn Tanzer; and later, to attend seminars & workshops with many other talented enamelers.  Since then, I’ve continued a series of studies including stenciling, silver foil layering in combination with images from my own photography through  ‘photographic silk screening’ borrowed from the commercial print industry.  I also have achieved a teaching certificate as well as a language/reading specialist credential.

I’m committed to creating functional enamel objects that will be used often. I believe that’s the best way to pass on the love for enamel art to others; through actually touching a handle on a gate, or a switch plate in a room, or even an earring.  In the future I see myself creating work that can be displayed in either interior or exterior settings so that the patina acquired through use becomes part of enamels’ beauty.

I love teaching others about enamels at Spanish Village, and being part of the S.D. Enamel Guild, ­Studio 5. Our community is fortunate to have such a wonderful environmental resource as Balboa Park.


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