Kathy Bush

Kathy Bush

I am inspired by butterflies.

To me they represent transformation, beauty, flight, and freedom, as well as a little

At home I provide food and nectar plants for Monarchs, Swallowtails and other local native butterflies and pollinators. I’ve created a certified Monarch Waystation in my garden to contribute to Monarch conservation and migration. I have hand-raised Monarch butterflies and marveled at their beauty as I released them into the sky. 


The current focus of my work is butterflies. Most of my original, one of a kind jewelry, incorporates images of butterflies. I use designs and processes that are difficult to replicate, so each piece is fired multiple times and is unique. 


Working with my hands has always been important to me. My employment was in digital graphic design and educational software development using computers, so I rarely was able to create outside of a computer screen. 


Enameling gives me the opportunity to work with my hands; drawing, carving or scratching out designs. The tactile feel of the dried liquid enamel, the textures I incorporate into my designs and the layers of color are important elements of my work.

My enameling involves experimentation with processes and materials, sometimes pushing the boundaries. I like to see chemical reactions turn into something unique.


I like to work with oxides, fire scale, low expansion and high expansion enamels. In my work you will see combinations of liquid and powdered enamels layered to reveal a peek of the embossed copper beneath or you may see layers of color using the process of sgraffito or scratching to reveal the base color below.


I love to hand draw designs or doodles and etch them into the copper before enameling. I often use these drawings as a design element in the butterflies I create.


I came to enameling by way of stained glass, glass bead making, glass fusing, metal smithing and jewelry making. I was always interested in enameling and had the time to pursue classes after the great recession hit.


My classes with Pat Aiken and later Rick Schneider and Sharon Kaplan gave me the skills I needed to begin my wonderful enameling journey.


Kathy Bush
Encinitas, CA